Yoga Pose of the Week – Focus on the Spine and Hips

Do you often sit with poor posture? Find yourself unable to utilize your spine’s natural range of motion? This week’s featured yoga pose is especially beneficial for you! Our pose of the week is a seated spinal twist.

A seated spinal twist can be performed in a variety of ways to best suit your body. It is a great pose for anyone to practice and can be done anywhere. Working on your spinal range of motion can help prevent injuries, as well as help improve posture. Also, this seated version helps to stretch out the hips, which can also be tight from lots of sitting, or from general soreness.


  • Start seated on a comfortable surface
  • Extend both legs out straight in front of you and sit up nice and tall
  • Next, bend your right knee and place the sole of your foot on the ground. If you can, cross your foot over the straight leg and place the foot down on the ground outside of your left knee.
  • Then, use your left arm to wrap around and hug your right thigh. Place your right hand behind you on the ground.
  • As you inhale, think of sitting up as tall as you can.
  • As you exhale, start to twist towards your right hand (which is behind you) and look back.
  • The more you hug your right leg in, the deeper this stretch will feel.
  • If this is not enough sensation, you can bend the left leg, bringing the entire left outer leg to the ground. This will deepen the twist and stretch in your hips.
  • Stay here for 1-3 minutes before slowly coming out the way you got in.
  • Make sure to do both sides of this pose for balance in the body.


  • If you are struggling with mobility and getting in to this pose, you can elevate your seat on a block or pillow to give you a bit more space.
  • Think about twisting a bit deeper each time you exhale. Keep your breath steady and even.
  • If you have any back injuries, take this one slow and stop if you are feeling any pain.
  • For even more intensity on the twist, you can hook your elbow to the outside of your bent knee, forcing your torso a bit further.

Give this pose a try! Leave any requests in the comments below.

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Vanessa Kiriakou