Yoga Pose of the Week – Focus on the Hip Flexors

This week’s featured yoga pose is a low lunge. This pose focuses on the hip flexors, which can be tough to stretch. It’s a great pose to incorporate, especially if you sit a lot! It can be modified to make it more accessible, or more advanced depending on your flexibility and goals.



  • First, find a comfortable spot on the ground (mat, towel, carpet, etc.)
  • Step one foot out and plant the sole of the foot down. Stack your knee right above that ankle.
  • Step your other leg back into a lunge position (toes tucked) and lower your knee to the ground. You can lower it onto a pillow if you need some extra support. If it’s comfortable, you can untuck your back toes.
  • Next, reach your fingertips on either side of your front leg.
  • Try to square your hips off to the front.
  • If you’d like to make this stretch more intense, raise your arms up to rest on your front thigh, or raise them all the way up to the ceiling to really allow gravity to push you further.
  • Keep breathing deeply.
  • Lastly, to come out, plant your fingertips back down if you’ve raised your arms, slowly send your hips back and step your front foot back to meet your back foot.


  • Make sure to do both sides! Most people have a more mobile side and a less mobile side, so if you are feeling a bit uneven, that is totally normal!
  • Think about slightly tucking your tailbone under to feel this a bit more in your hip flexor, rather than just letting your hips sink down.
  • Try not to tense up your shoulders, neck or face while doing this pose. Find a place of gentle sensation where you can relax into the stretch. Use your breath to guide you deeper.
  • As always, if you are feeling pain or have any injuries that make this pose very difficult, pull back a bit and go at your own pace!
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Vanessa Kiriakou