Winter Running: Getting Warmed up

I know its super cold out but they’re those crazy people that love winter running, and Maura is one of them….. So wanted to give you some pointers to help you get warmed up, especially just because often most people don”t feel like they’re ready to go until about half way through their run.

#1: March with a Hop

  • This can be done either in place or walking
  • Focus on bringing your knee into your chest while keeping a good runners stance
    • This means not leaning back while stepping or excessively leaning forward
  • Try to drive your knee excessively into the chest meaning almost over exaggerating what you would generally do when actually running
  • This can either be done in place or while moving

In terms of rep ranges and set superset this with the following exercise for three sets of twelve to fiveteen before setting off.

#2: Lunge and Reach

  • Here we’re trying to get the hips nice and open
  • Taking a big step your going to get into a lunge (we’ve done a series on the lunge before that you can look at here)
  • Reach your arms over your head and back creating some tensions in your quad and hip flexors (the muscles in the front of your leg)
  • And step through

Most of the mistakes that are going to be made here are going to be very similar to the lunge series we have done mentioned above and you can find that here

Be sure to stay tuned for the continuation of our running series Maura will be doing on winter running, and enjoy your runs!

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Christina Prevett