What Should I Eat Pre-Workout????

You’ve all probably seen it on magazines while you’re in line at the grocery store or waiting in the lobby at the dentist, about how nutrition timing can change you from zero to a hero. 

WOW thats awesome! I just have to eat things at the perfect time and i can look like a greek god. 

Unfortunately this isn’t exactly the case

Now nutrition timing isn’t going to hurt you if its something you’re already doing but it’s important to look at it in the overall context of your nutrition. Meaning if you’re doing nutrition timing but over eating by 1000 calories it wont really help you in losing weight.

But what does it look like practically??

So your nutrition is great but you still want an edge so what does nutrition timing actually look like and what should i eat?


This can play a fairly large role in how you perform and recover from that one specific workout but generally you want something that is going to

  • preverse overall muscle
  • Help repair tissues post exercise
  • boost performance

Protein :

Eating protein a few hours before 

  • Can help maintain muscle mass (this is especially important if you’re in a calories deficit)The biggest reason for this would be trying to improve overall body composition (loosing primarily fat) while not sacrificing a lot of muscle.
  • Aid in Recovery: having more available amino acids in the body (protein) can help the tissue repair after exercise so you may not be quiet as sore.


  • Fuel performance: While the longer the duration of exercise the more carbohydrates you will need is true, even shorter high intensity training (HITT or strength training) need carbohydrate stores to keep the body ready to go
  • Can increase insulin: When combined with protein this helps the body recover faster from exercise as well, again meaning less muscle soreness.


  • No real impact on performance: There is no real evidence to show that fats pre-exercise can aid in performance in any real way.


So what does this look like in practicality?

2-3 hours before:

In general a serving of protein dense food with a handful of carb dense food (can be rice, pasta, fruit whatever fits your lifestyle best). Nothing special just exactly what we talked about above.

Right Before:

If you’re coming right from work and don’t have a ton of time the same rules apply but your body wont have enough time to digest a solid meal. So generally liquid is best here. 

Again this can what ever you like, but generally a scoop of protein with a fruit is a good go to.

Is it going to make or break your workout?!?!?!

No, not at all and honestly nutrition timing is very nit picky for the vast majority of people. If you’re just looking to look better and feel better your time would probably be better spent making homemade meals!

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