What does a class look like?

We get this question all the time!! A typical class always follows a similar structure. Well it always starts the same way…with a question of the day! This is Coach Nick’s absolute favourite part of the day. It’s just a fun way of getting to know each other and breaking the ice to make sure no one is intimidated.

Next we do a group warm up geared at what we are doing that day!

Then we do our strength portion and this changes day to day. We definitely have more of a biases towards the barbell power movements… that’s always been our style.

Next we move on to our accessory movements. Being attached to a physiotherapy clinic, we love to do a ton of corrective-based exercises to make sure we don’t end up with any nagging injuries and this is where we put that into play.

And of course lastly but definitely not least we have our conditioning. We strive to provide exceptional fitness that is FUN!

So if you’ve ever had any question about what our classes look this that pretty much it!

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