"Trust the process" .. with aging, with exercise, with life

In physio school, my colleagues will remember one professor who always told us to “trust the process”. McMaster is known for its problem-based learning strategy, a type of learning that many people in a classic school setting have never had exposure to. Starting physiotherapy school leads to many times where you feel nervous or lack confidence in your skills. Our mantra became trust the process. And our professor was correct.

Starting my PhD, I have repeated that same mantra to myself many times. The same holds true with opening up our small business.

It’s the same with starting an exercise program of any sort!


There are days where you feel like you make no progress or even worse that you’re falling behind. It isn’t that one day that creates the path to your goals. It is the steps that you take day in and day out that lead you to where you want to be. Consistency in anything is what is going to lead you to your goals and create opportunities.

I waiver too. There are days where I don’t have the same confidence in myself that I should have. You don’t see how far you’ve come. It’s days like that that I need to slow down and reflect on the process. How far have you come? What have you been able to accomplish that before you never thought that you would?

With growing older I think that that can be easier and harder at the same time. You can look back and see all of the wonderful things that you’ve accomplished in your life or you can look at what your body was capable of doing before that it cannot do now.

I have seen aging described as a privilege – one that not everyone has the chance to have. What we have learned over the course of our lives makes us the people that we are today – for better or worse.

So even with that I hope that you trust the process. Keep strong. Keep active. Stay consistent. The results will come. You may not be able to do everything you could 20 years ago, maybe even 10 years ago … but you will improve. It’s taking joy in those successes that will make all the difference.

And for me, I’m in the build phase of a long journey. I need to trust the process too so that I can advocate for everything that I believe so strongly in. To create something.

Anyways, those are my words of “wisdom” – just things that I’ve been thinking about lately.


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