Treating Low Back Pain with Online Physiotherapy

Having low back pain can be awful. You don’t realize just how much you rely on your back for movement until it hurts! Physiotherapy is one of the most common routes people take to try to help with low back pain.

But all the clinics right now are closed because of COVID19!

What do you do with your low back pain?!

Did you know that Telehealth can help? Telehealth is online physical therapy. I know what you’re thinking… but how will you assess and treat my back if you can’t touch me. That is what a lot of people are thinking. Trust me. We can do more than you think.

What does the back pain assessment look like?

In your initial appointment, we spend a LOT of time getting to know you and your situation. We talk about your back pain. What caused it and what makes it worse. After that, we get you to do some movements in the comfort of your own home. We recommend you setting up the camera in a place with a bit of room. By watching how you’re moving, we as physiotherapists actually get a TON of information.

Then what?

Then we set up a game plan that is usually based on movement.

At STAVE OFF, our bias is towards getting you moving anyway. In this method of treating, we as healthcare providers get to empower you to take control of your pain. We are there as a guide. A remote one but still a coach for you. We answer your questions, review your management plan, help you figure out how YOU can help yourself if your back pain flares up. It’s a different approach for sure but one that can be really effective. Back pain can make people feel hopeless. Like this might never go away. Telehealth can help you take control. We can work with the equipment you have available to you and get you on an exercise program you can do especially in light of the physical distancing measures now in place.

What about my insurance providers?

Right now in Kingston, we know that Great West Life and Sunlife have approved telehealth physiotherapy reimbursement in light of what is going on with COVID-19.

Let us help you. You don’t need to be in pain until this is over. It could be months. Let us help you now.

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Christina Prevett