The "Perfect" Diet

Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, low carb- etc..

Which one is best for you?


We get asked all the time which side of the fence we are on in-terms of diets and nutrition. Do we believe in Paleo? Vegan? Vegetarian? Low-Carb?


Our answer… is none of them and all of them.


When people start talking about diets, the problem can become that people become so hooked on what worked for them that they believe very strongly in it. They can feel as if you are almost attacking them personally if you say you prefer a different diet or what you are doing currently for your diet. We’ve all heard the guy who lost 50 pounds doing Paleo and now swears by it as the only diet to do. We couldn’t be happier for him but that doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.


One of the biggest things you should realize is that these diets aren’t as different as you may think. They all tend to follow the same basic principles either consciously or unconsciously… people become more aware of what they are eating. You’ll see them at the grocery story comparing two boxes of crackers or two types of rice and will put the one they deem less healthy down. That is a start! And an awesome start at that.


The second thing people will often due when they start a new diet is they will focus on quality of what they are eating. People start to avoid the inside of the grocery store in search of better quality, less processed foods. No matter if that is lean meat, vegetables, low carb foods.


The last thing they have in common is that people will choose food that is more nutrient dense than less. This is more a byproduct of the quality of food they are eating. The vast majority of diets that are worth their weight often focus on less processed foods and instead on whole foods which are lower in calories and higher in nutrients.


So no matter what diet you choose (obviously there are a select few that we would say aren’t the greatest) as long as you are eating healthy foods, enjoy the foods you are eating to sustain your activity level , and stick to some of the points outlined above, you can lose weight and it shouldn’t matter the diet name.


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