The Big 3 Macronutrients

At STAVE OFF Nutrition, we take a balanced approach to nutrition. I said nutrition instead of diet because we are talking about lifestyle changes. We want these changes to be easy to sustain and work for you!

Looking at the big picture, we manipulate three nutrients in your diet to find what works for you. These are the carbohydrates, the fats and the proteins.

Nutrition can be really complicated. There is a ton of information out there! My clients tell me all the time that they feel like every week there is a new article with a new thing we didn’t know. While that is good (there has been a lot of resources going into nutrition research lately), it can also make it hard as a consumer to know what to do to eat well.

So, over the next several weeks our coaches are going to break things down for you. Take it down to nutrition 101. It may be important for you to see your doctor or a registered dietician if there are any other health issues you are dealing with. The information here still applies.

Let’s do a birds-eye view.


Proteins are the building blocks of the muscles and cells. They help in the repair and restore processes of the body. The easiest example is if you are working out. When you work out you break down your muscles (in a good way!). The protein is what helps you repair your muscles when you leave the gym so that you can come back the next day.


Carbohydrates have become the devil of nutrition over the last several years. They really do get a bad rap. Carbohydrates are our fuel source. We use sugars in the form of glucose as a form of energy in our body. Our brain actually uses a LOT of glucose for you to be sharp and thinking throughout the day. (Ever had a horrible night sleep and then crave carbohydrates to help get you through work?). We will dive into more if carbs are good or bad for you in the upcoming articles.


Fats help as transporters through our body. They are insulators. We think about fats in terms of saturated and unsaturated fats and this has to do with their chemical structure. (Again we’ll talk more about that later). They are important in brain function and nerve function. They help get the signals our brain is firing to their intended location as quickly as possible.

As you can see, we need all of these nutrients to keep our body primed and ready to go! Dieting can be difficult. It is HARD! No one is immune to some of the challenges of starting a new habit or diet regime. But with some of the information about why we do what we do, I like to think it makes it a little bit easier.

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