SWIS 2015: Passion, polar views and my take aways

This weekend, I attended the SWIS 2015 symposium hosted by Ken Kinaken. It had been 10 years since Ken had hosted this event and it was amazing to see it brought back. The idea behind SWIS is to integrate the professions in the wellness world so you saw health care professionals, personal trainers and strength coaches all attending the same lectures.

There were a couple of things that really stuck out to me. One was the ability to network. There were so many people there! Some of the smartest minds in the industry were completely open to meeting and talking to a bunch of new people who were trying to get to where they were. The connections you make can have large implications for you in your career.

The other thing was that I find in the fitness industry, it feels almost necessary to talk to the extremes to make a splash. I heard Ian King speak who is a big big name in the strength and conditioning industry. He was taking stabs left, right and centre. That has giving him some negative press but it has also made him well known in the industry. It makes me question if this type of presentation is necessary? You need to do things that grab persons attention and I guess that would constitute.

But the person that had the most profound influence on me was the talk given by Dr. John Berardi. He is the founder of Precision Nutrition. I attended his seminar on being a complete fitness professional and a lot of what he talked about resonated with me. On top of him being an EXCELLENT public speaker. He spoke about how what motivates us to make decisions may not be what we say out loud (or what we even think we know) and that delving deeper in with our clients is going to make us better professionals. He spoke about the need for a “curriculum” of learning before entering into the profession so that we have a foundation. Then to continue building on the foundation as we continue to develop our career.

He took a softer approach. One of understanding and compassion. I loved that. It links to where I see my stance. He gave us a couple of thought exercises that I will be doing over the next couple of weeks.

Overall, the conference was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to attend next year! For now I’ll be reflecting on what I’ve learning and considering what I’ll be incorporating more into my practice!

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