Stressed Out and No Time

With our 6-week challenge kicking off, we’ve seen a huge number of people come in and out of the clinic over the past week. One of the most common things we’ve seen is that everyone is anxious or just plain stressed. Whether this stress is from work, school, family, or friends… it doesn’t really matter, your body senses stress in the same way. It registers the stress of a bear chasing you very similarly to a fight with your significant other. At least from a hormone perspective.

Our world now, these stressors start to feel like they build up. We have more responsibilities, more stressors, and less time. They become the reasons why we don’t take care of ourselves. Our fitness and nutrition regimes fall to the background. These stressors are all very real but we can’t let them dictate our health. You can take control of your nutrition and your exercise habits.

Here are two of the hurdles that we have seen with the interviews for the challenge, and ways we can help you bust through them.

#1 You’re busier than you ever have been:

This is almost always true for the majority of people

  • You might have kids
  • You might be taking care of your parents
  • You work more than one job because let’s face it, electricity bills always seem to be getting bigger and bigger
  • You’re working longer hours

Solution: Take baby steps and embrace the little things

As far as exercise, who says you have to jump right into an hour four times a week right from the get go? A lot of people will get into the head space of, if I cant get an hour in its pointless… But is it? Something will always be better than nothing even if it’s a 20 minutes fast paced walk in the park.

Afraid you can’t stick to a big diet switch or worse…you do a big diet switch and fall right back into what you were eating a month ago? You don’t need to make such extreme changes especially if you work or family schedule don’t permit it. Making small changes everyday turns into habits. Instead of splitting a bottle of wine every night, have a glass. Instead of eating fast food for lunch, swing by the grocery store and get a pre-made salad for lunch.

The key with nutrition and exercise is and will always be consistent. So try to change one thing you know will make you feel better. Give it at least two weeks before you decided it isn’t working for you.

#2 You have exercised or tried diets in the past…. But it didn’t stick

You tried it all!

  • Fitbit and every other wearable technologies
  • Bootcamps, Crossfit, kickboxing you’ve tried all the group classes
  • All the diets low carb, paleo, Weight Watchers and keto

If you stick to some of these options you will be all the better for it. But at some point you will probably start to falter and eventually fall off. How do we avoid this shorter length motivation and delve into more deep seeded consistency?

Solution: Find an accountability Buddy

Being accountable only to yourself can make it harder and possibly set you up to falter. Having someone else to be accountable to can make you more likely to stick to it.

This can be being Accountable…

  • To a person family or friend
  • To a program

While self-motivation and self-accountability is great, you’re more likely skip the gym on your own then say to a friend who is currently waiting at the gym for you that you aren’t coming. That is why most people find accountability to an exterior person or place much more beneficial lasting then to themselves.

As we start the challenge, we are hoping to help some of our new clients with these issues. They aren’t easy and the solution doesn’t’ come overnight. You can do it though! All of these things are great and helpful tools for getting started but then always remember why you are starting this. That will get you to hold onto that accountability!

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