Strengthening with Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a really common injury. It can be very nagging as well. The way that the shoulder is built is that four muscles called your rotator cuff, ensures that the shoulder stays in its socket. These four muscles work together and create a balance front to back and side to side.


One of the things we usually do when we have shoulder pain, is rest. We are told to avoid all of the activities that cause you pain. While this can be good advice at times, the problem becomes when you take too much time. What can happen is that the muscles around the shoulder that need to be really strong, get weaker. Part of the rehabilitation process is to get your shoulder back to its normal strength.

In this video, one of our physiotherapists Christina discusses how to continue to keep the shoulder strong without flaring up any rotator cuff pain in the shoulder. She demonstrates an exercise called the “Landmine Press”. The Landmine Press places your shoulder in a slightly lower range of motion and starts getting the shoulder good and strong.

Things to remember with the landmine press are

  1. Make sure that you are not twisting through the ribs. This movement needs to come right through the shoulder.
  2. Don’t chicken wing! What some people can do is flare out their elbow because of weakness. If this is what you’re doing, lower the weight and find a weight that will challenge you without this compensation.
  3. Don’t arch through the back. Make sure you stand far enough back from the bar so that you don’t feel the need to compensate by arching backwards

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