Squatting Is Bad for Your Knees!! (Hint: its not)

Im sure we’ve all heard the age old phrase……. Squatting is bad for your knees! While it starting to finally make the rounds that no squatting isn’t bad for your knee (it can actually help it!), but that isn’t to say you should start off by squatting with your butt touching your heels right off of the bat!

We always start all new member or Physio clients off with a box squat because we want to get a feel for how they move and what they’ve done in the past. Progressing from here we can either lower the box if mobility is good, or we can add weight is squatting below parallel is just something that is never going to be beneficial for you!

If you’re looking for other videos or articles on squatting we wrote an article here on squatting 101 or here on why you should be lifting weights!

Try it out and let us know how we did!

Until next time!


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Christina Prevett