So you want to do a pull-up??

With summer on its way (hopefully), we get a ton of people asking us about how to get their first pull-up! So we wanted to give you a bit of a breakdown of what that looks like. 

First off, there are a few ways to do a pull-up. You’ll see early in the video, 

I demonstrate them by leaning back and pulling into my chest. This makes it easier by using a lot more bicep and less of the side muscles called your lats.

If you don’t have the strength to do a pull-up, it can feel like you are trying to basically pull the earth down to you. But there are a lot of easier ways to go about getting your first pull-up than just failing to do a pull-up over and over again.

The next step are pull-up progressions:

  • start by getting your chin over the bar. You can either jump to get over of stand on a box or bench
  • next as slowly as possible, lower yourself down to straight arms. You should be able to do this for 3-5 reps
  • if your lower looks much more like a controlled fall you’re going to switch to a ring row

Ring row:

  • start by have the rings nice and close to your chest 
  • lean back while keeping your hips straight in line with your body
  • the further you walk your feet in the more difficult you can make it!

One of the things that can help too is by working on reducing your body weight. Being in a bit of calorie restriction, can help with weight management. 

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