SI Joint Pain: How You Can Test for It

SI joint pain is unfortunately pretty common and especially common during pregnancy, but sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between SI joint pain and back pain.

What is SI pain  

  • Most common in the low back and hips which feels aching and dull that can feel very moderate to severe
  • Typically pain is only felt on one side through the butt and side of the thigh

What is the SI joint?

  • The sacroiliac joint is formed where your sacrum (which is a bone in the lower portion of your spine) and your iliac (which is your pelvis)
  • This joint unlike say your hips doesn’t move very much if at all

How can we test for SI pain issues?

  • Step 1: Do you have any pain with unassisted leg raises
    • If yes then move on to step 2, if no it isn’t likely to be SI joint pain and you can contact us so we can help a little more in-depth
    • This doesn’t mean it isn’t SI joint pain but it could just be presenting differently
  • Step 2: if yes then your going to get a friend or family members to offer some compression on the side of your hips
  • Step 3: This takes some of the strain of off your joint meaning if this had relieved some pain its likely your SI joint that is causing some pain


How to strengthen:

  • Clam shells
    • Lay on your side with your legs bent to about 90 degrees
    • Open up your knees keeping your ankle touching and hips facing forward
    • 3 sets of 10 every other day but be sure to make sure your progressing these meaning continually making it more challenging by adding weight or bands

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us!

We’ve also done a series of back pain stretches here and if you want the link to the YouTube video you can find it here.


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