Sharing holiday experiences and giving back to older adults over the holidays

As the Christmas season approaches (almost a little too quickly for my liking), it’s a time where people try to manage a hectic schedule often filled with family and friends, too much food and a big dent in our pocketbooks. University students enter exams, the year draws to a close and we often take much needed holidays.

This holiday I am trying to start a new trend. To be honest, I don’t really need anything. Maybe it’s me being a Millenial but I want to share experiences with people. Instead of buying gifts that we don’t need, why don’t we do something together. Go to a restaurant that we’ve been dying to go to or go see a play. It doesn’t even need to cost money – go tobogganing (if we ever get snow up near Toronto this year), play a sport, go to an outdoor rink. The value of the experiences you have with those close to you outlive the sweaters or chocolates you receive over the holidays.

I saw this incredible commercial about getting together with family and it really pulled at the heart strings and made you think about what was really important. Give it a watch.

Nick and I are taking vacation between Christmas and New Years. His parents have moved to Prince Edward County (this past weekend actually) and it’s beautiful up there. We’re taking some time to detach and embrace winter in the beautiful scenery.

There are also a lot of non-profit organizations that run Christmas campaigns as people tend to use the holidays as a time to give donations. There’s a campaign that works to give gifts to older adults who do not have family that visits them over the holidays. For persons who do not have family around, the holidays can be a very lonely and socially isolating time of year. I think that giving a small gift for some of these people over the Christmas holidays is an incredible initiative. It’s the one that I’m going to be supporting this year. Check out the link here

My trial is gearing up to begin enrolling participants in the New Year so I really see now as the calm before the storm. It’s so exciting but terrifying all at the same time. So now is the time to sleep, rest and get ready for the busy whirlwind that is going to be the start of 2016.

What’s your charity for the holidays? If you could change gifts to experiences, what would you do? Where would you go?

Enjoy the holidays – and don’t take the time with loved ones for granted.

That’s just me rambling,


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