Ring Rows: Common Mistakes we see

Ring rows are a great way to build strength in the upper back and lats. They also help a ton if one of your goals is getting your first pull-up pull-up. 

So ring rows are awesome but can I be doing them wrong???? For sure you can be! Here are some of the common faults we generally see!

Fault #1: Ring height level

  • First off lets make sure you have your rings set up to the right height!
  • If they’re to low or to high you won’t end up pulling into the right spot with the rings

The Fix;

  • The rings should generally line up with or around your shoulders

Fault #2; letting your hips drop down

  • Especially as people get tired they’ll let their hips drop down then shoot them back up

The Fix:

  • There can be a few fixes for this but generally they’re one of two things
    • 1; its to hard 
      • You’re shooting your hips down and propelling them forward because you don’t have the upper body strength to do it with a straight body
      • So if you walk you’re feet back a little bit away from the rings it’ll make it slightly easier
    • 2; You’re not even thinking about your hips
      • You may not even realize or know to keep your body straight
      • Think about lowering yourself as if you were a tree that was falling over

Fault #3; Loose shoulders

  • Again this could be a strength issue or you may not even realize you’re doing it
  • People tend to do these further on in their sets because they’re tired and need a rest in the bottom of the ring row

The Fix

Hope that helped explain ring rows a little better if you have any other questions feel free to reach out at anytime!


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Christina Prevett