Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat: Common Mistakes and how to avoid them

You’re a little bored with your workout routine right now and want to mix things up. Rear foot elevated split squat’s (or RFESS) are a great place to start. They’re a fairly large list of benefits to this movements but one of my favourite part is the unilateral work. All that means is since you’re using one leg at a time you can actually ad more weight on one leg then you generally could if you were doing say a back front.


Alright so first things first how do we start?

The Stance:

  • You’ll need a bench or a box thats about knee height if not. Little higher
  • Your going to put one foot on the bench (it doesn’t matter which one we’ll switch later)
    • You can either go on the toe of your foot or place the top of your foot on the bench or box its completely a preference
  • Now try and take a slight step forward

Mistake#1; to big of a step forward

  • If you’re way to far forward as you try to lower you’ll get a big pool in the hip flexor
  • This will also prevent you from lowering into your squat as deep as you could be


The Fix; 

  • Feet position bring the front foot slightly back
  • Focus on trying to keep everything at 90 degree angles
    • What I mean by this is that in the bottom position of the Rear foot elevated split squat your knee should either be directly over your ankle or just slightly in front of it

Mistake #2; trying to reach forward as you lower

  • Sometime as people lower they’ll send there chest really far forward
  • A good portion of the time this will also cause people to get onto there toes

The Fix;

  • Think about sitting back into your heel as you lower down
  • Not only will this help with balance, but it will also distribute your weight evenly in your foot

Let us know if you found this helpful, and stay tuned former video coming out almost everyday!

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Christina Prevett