Pregnancy takes a Tribe

I can’t believe this pregnancy is almost over! This week marks 35 weeks pregnant aka almost full term. The last eight months feel like they have flown by.


I have been so lucky. I have not had any aches, pains, discomforts, illnesses or issues. I do feel like I have a butter ball in front of me though!


Pregnancy is such an interesting time in a woman’s life … especially as a first-time mom-to-be. Every experience is new. Something happens and you think “is that normal or is something wrong?” The internet definitely doesn’t help you. If you Google anything, it could lead to complications and a host of other awful experiences.


This pregnancy has really made me think and reflect and I have also really tried to live in the moment. These months may sometimes feel long, but in reality, it is a very short time in my life.


The biggest resource that I’ve drawn on in the last 9 months, is the moms at various stages of motherhood. The moms with newborns, toddlers, school-aged kids, high school aged kids and grandparents. The beauty of owning a gym is that you have many people to draw experience from. Not everything will resonate with you of course. But you will be able to glean insights into a variety of different people’s experiences.


Then if it couldn’t get any better, this weekend the gym threw me a surprise shower! To walk in the gym and see 45 people there to support Nick and I, was just the most unbelievable overwhelmingly positive experience. I definitely ugly cried lol it was caught on camera!


Coming down off of the high of the weekend, it made me really think that it takes a tribe to be pregnant. It was really the way we used to do it. You would lean on others, gain insights, have support from them. STAVE OFF is my tribe. My community. My support.


I’m super thankful for everyone in our little community!

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