Episode014. Why We Love Working with Baby Boomers: Ageism and the Aging Adult.

At STAVE OFF, we work with a lot of Baby Boomers

With our aging Canadian population, we are really starting to realize how important staying active, eating well, and managing our health overall can be for us. More and more research has been coming out talking about the importance of healthy habits to reduce risk of chronic conditions, cancers and other aches and pains. The Baby Boomers want to live well into their retirement years. These are their golden years and they’re doing what they can to stay healthy.

At STAVE OFF, we have a lot of clients in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. They talk to us about what it means to them to get older, what their hopes are and what their goals are. To us, every person who steps into our gym is an athlete. I really don’t care if you’re 85.

Language is SO important.

I have written about this before (check out my article, Don’t call me Hun!), but the language we use when we are speaking to another person REGARDLESS of age is vital. I have had clients of mine tell me that they feel like nobody hears them. They tell me that they can feel like they just don’t exist. Others say people talk to them as if they’re stupid.

For many people, louder volumes and slow speech can be meant to be considerate. But I think we need to be conscientious and aware to whom we are speaking. Some people have hearing impairment and a clear voice and slightly louder volume is appropriate. Others do not have this issue and therefore, it can make them feel bad.

In this podcast, Nick and I banter back and forth about the issues we see in the clinic. We talk about our experiences. We talk about the learning experience that we feel so fortunate to have had by working with people in different age categories.

What are your experiences like? Do you feel like you’re talked to differently as you get older?


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