Episode009: Don't let arthritis pain "wear" you down.

Arthritis pain can be awful, it can really “wear” you down!

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun. As we know, arthritis is the wear and tear we see in the joints around our body. It’s an umbrella term that describes a joint condition and therefore there are 30 different conditions it describes. Check out our FAQ where we explain what it is more in depth.

The pain from arthritis can cause a large disruption in your life. It can affect how much you move, the amount of exercise you get, how easy it is to get to work and see friends. So knowing the best strategies to use to navigate the pain can be hugely beneficial.

Strategies you can implement!

There are short term and long term strategies to deal with the wear and tear pain. We try to touch on all of them to give you a roadmap that you can use to navigate the process.

In this episode we touch on,

  • Common medications used for arthritis pain
  • Physiotherapy options: short term & long term pain management option
  • Exercise!
  • Cortisone and other injections
  • Healthy lifestyle links
  • Joint replacement surgeries (if you want to avoid it check out this article)

All of these things act along a continuum and all can make a contribution to bringing down that arthritic pain.

Arthritis is becoming much more common and we’ve written and talked extensively about it (on the podcast and on the blog). We pooled all of these resources together to give your our Conquer Arthritis Guide! Check out this link to learn more about various aspects of this condition.

We hope that all of these resources and guides can help you keep your chin up – to not let arthritis pain “wear” you down.

Sorry for missing last week – technology got the best of us!

Until next time!


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