Episode 006: Fighting back against our Anti-Aging Culture

Our Society is Anti-Aging

I must be honest, I hate the word “anti-aging”, because it insinuates that growing older is a BAD thing, or something that should be avoided. As I’ve written about before, the quest to look and feel younger is an ever-growing business. This industry has grossed over $270 billion dollars in 2015! I would take even a fraction of that!

Anti-Aging Products: Are they what they seem?

Anti-aging products are often manufactured and released as supplements and beauty products. This means they aren’t subject to the same rules and regulations as a medication would be. Therefore, we sometimes don’t know what is in the products we are taking, and even worse, if they are doing what they say they are doing.

Anti-aging or Healthy Living?

Here is what I believe. If you are living a healthy lifestyle, you HAVE the age defying formula right at your finger tips. These things which include eating well, exercising, stressing less, socializing more and sleeping well, when used make up the best anti-aging solution you can find. There are so many examples of older adults who are looking and feeling decades younger because they prescribe to this lifestyle. This is why STAVE OFF is designed the way it is!

What I believe in whole heartedly is healthy living at every age because if we eat well and exercise, we can do SO much at the age of 44 or at the age of 94.

In this podcast, Christina goes solo and talks about the anti-aging medicine and product industry. This was more of an opinion episode so let’s start the conversation.

For those listening to this as it gets released, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! All the best in 2017!


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