Plank Taps: progressions and common mistakes to avoid

You’ve probably done a plank before, the problem is….. they can get a little boring. Adding in plank taps is a great way to freshen up some of your training while also adding in a little shoulder stability.


  • starting from the floor is the most difficult
    • if you need you can start raising the height at which you’re starting with either by adding a box, bench, or even to a bar
  • How wide your feet are apart
    • With either widening or bringing your feet in closer together you can make it easier or harder. (wider feet means you have a wider base making it a little easier)

Common Mistakes:

  • Shifting your weight
    • you want to aim for keeping your hips square to the ground and avoid excessive side to side movements
  • Letting your hips drop or shoot up
    • you want to think you’re body is a plank and not the knock off planks you get from the reject bin at the lumber yard, meaning your shoulder and hips are in a nice straight line not to high but not letting them droop down


Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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Christina Prevett

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