My Posture Sucks! (and what to do about it)

We all remember our parents or grandparents yelling at us not to slouch or to stand up straight because its bad for our posture. We live in a world where pretty much everyone works on at a desk or on a computer and because of this everyone always says my posture sucks!

Well not only does this not feel great it can also lead to shoulder and neck injuries, so Christina wanted to do a little video to go over Y,T,W’s to strengthen your upper back and ease some of that tension.

So Y,T,W’s are exactly what they sound like you’re going to be laying on you stomach, a bench is generally easiest. With straight arms your going to form a Y and a T with your body, on the next one your going to bend your elbows and form a W. Go through this 5-6 times and try repeating once each day and it should start to help.

If you are looking for some other tips and trick for the nagging neck pain you can check here for how to strengthen the shoulder in a pain free way!


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