The Person Behind the Coach: Dianne Lappan

You see our faces in the gym, clinic and online … but who ARE we when we aren’t at STAVE OFF? That is a great question and one we want to answer. So we are going to introduce ourselves. Not our work selves, our personal selves so you can get to know a bit about us.


I am Dianne Lappan, part time admin assistant at Stave Off. I’ve been exercising at Stave Off for 3 ½ years and working there for just over a year. Fun fact, when I first called Stave Off I thought I would be TOO YOUNG to join their program as I was inquiring for my Mum. Ha.

  • I am old enough to be semi-retired and young enough to enjoy it. I was born in England and moved to Canada when I was 8 years old. I grew up in Sudbury and earned my BAA degree in Hospitality & Tourism at Ryerson.
  • After graduating, I returned to work in England for a few years but soon missed Canada! While I was in England my parents had moved to Kingston so my dad could attend Queens so this is where I came home to & never left!
  • I married a Kingstonian, had 4 kids in quick succession & spent the next 20+ years raising them while working as a financial analyst for the Hospital.
  • I have loved quotes way before it was trendy to do so. My favourite quote, that I try to live by, is “Have courage and be kind” (from the movie Cinderella)
  • I also love music…the louder the better…especially when I am cleaning or exercising! I had accordion lessons when I was young and played the trombone in high school but have always aspired to play the piano! There’s still time!
  • Yoga is another passion of mine-I love yoga so much so that I became a certified yoga teacher a few summers ago. I loved my time teaching at Stave Off a lot but I had to take a break after having bilateral knee replacements just over a year ago. I have been building my strength back up and plan to start teaching again soon!
  • A lesson that I am continually learning is to not take life so seriously-A couple of summers ago my hubby and I went to Europe to celebrate our 25 th anniversary. I accidentally booked us into a nudist resort for 3 days in Croatia….and we went!
  • I am the world’s WORST procrastinator. I swear I spend more time procrastinating than it takes me to do the task! I also have a weakness for pretty much anything chocolate except brownies….I really do not like brownies!
  • Other fun facts about me include being able to drive an ATV, operate a skid steer, touching my nose with my tongue, biking 95kms for a fundraiser, climbing to the top of the COBA, Mexico ruins in 2017, deadlifting 200lbs and being married to Santa.
  • Most days you will find me gardening, working on my mosaic or chasing after my adorable 18 month old grandson. I can’t wait to meet the 2 new grandbabies coming in the late summer. Who would have ever thought having grandchildren could be SO much fun?
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