Meet Boomer! The Therapy Dog?

I have ALWAYS been a dog person. I love everything about them. I become more skeptical of a person if they tell me that they don’t like dogs haha.

Nick is also a dog lover. Our dog Bailey is near and dear to both of our hearts. She comes with us everywhere. She’s part of our family. Nick has been wanting another dog for a couple of months now. We’re more stable with the gym and our schedules. I have been resisting. Last week when we were walking at Webster’s Falls I saw a BEAUTIFUL golden retriever. I accidentally let it slip that “You know, I would get a golden retriever”. As soon as we got home, onto Kijiji Nick went. We found these beautiful labs, went to take a look at them this weekend and Bam welcome Boomer!IMG_4820

There is a healing power to dogs. They have a way of easing the anxiety’s of the people they are around. When I volunteered at the Pan Ams this past summer, they had a therapy dog program where they helped the athletes ease their stress. It is also very commonly done in a hospital setting. When I was working on a stroke ward in school, the patients always loved when the dogs came through.

That is my goal for Boomer. To be a Therapy Dog. Actually St. John’s Ambulance has an accredited Therapy Dog Program. There are certain criteria that they need to meet in order for them to be authorized to go around vulnerable populations.

For now though, I think we need to work on potty training….
Loving every second of this crazy life!

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