Lost in Translation: Bringing Academia into Small Business

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The world of research can isolate itself. We have brilliant minds that work every day to improve our knowledge in a specific area. We put countless time into researching theories, fine tuning processes, and relaying that information in the written word (as in publications and journals) and at scientific conferences.

The unfortunate side of that though is that it is often lost in translation.

It gets stuck. Stays in the world of academia and it takes painfully long for it to be translated to the general public or practitioners who are able to use that information. Many persons who complete graduate degrees stay in the university setting. They become professors, teachers and educators in the university setting. But what are the other avenues? Are there any?

It’s interesting. When I started my PhD, it was never because I wanted to be a professor. I had a question that I wanted answered and I wanted to gain credibility as an expert in the topic area that has developed into a huge passion of mine.

In my mind, when I want to label myself I have a hard time choosing what best suits me from a professional perspective. I’m a physiotherapist. I’m a doctoral candidate. I’m a coach. But I’m also an entrepreneur, or solopreneur. I run a program out of the facility in which I am the registered physiotherapist. My goal, is to take all of the information that I learn clinically through my work and academically through my studies into a package that can help teach others how to implement these programs, either for themselves or for their own clientele. IMG_6306

I was at the mall earlier today and I found this necklace. With my committee meeting extremely soon (like today by the time this posts!), I started thinking about my outlines and direction. The necklace had a saying underneath it that said “Eventually everything connects”. It’s what I feel like I’m still trying to make. That connection. That decision about where everything is going to fit, how it is going to fit and what I’m going to do to make it workout – for myself and for my business.

People carve their own paths. For me, it’s blending academia and entrepreneurship into a package that helps others in the fitness and healthcare sectors.

I guess I just need to see how it’s going to pan out!

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