Leaking While Running; how can you build back up to it?

Leaking while you’re running or jumping is a pretty common complaint we hear about all the time, but it does have to be that way! Most people think that after they have children this is just what is going to happen from now on. The good thing is it isn’t and we can help you fix it!

So here is a few tips and tricks we use to get mom’s back to running postpartum.

Gradual increase in load:

  • If you were thinking the same way as with weighted exercise it would sound ridiculous to go back to a max squat right after giving birth and running is no exception
  • So what we’re looking to do is gradually increase load on the pelvic floor muscles by taking some of the body weight off of your foot through each step

Mountain Climbers:

  • One way we can do this is by doing a mountain climber
    • Now there is a sweet spot here right on the ground could be to move weight on the abdomen especially if you’ve had a C-section
    • To upright and you can still be causing the same amount of impact on your pelvic floor
  • Position the shoulders directly over the wrist so you aren’t producing any extra stress on the joints
  • Now run in place bringing the knees up to the chest

Common Faults:

  • Keeping a good midline; one of the biggest things we see if not keeping the body in a nice straight line this can be either arching the back, shooting your butt up, or letting your hips drop

We use this as a gradual return to running so it can be taken a few ways either for time (which can be a little boring since you’re standing in the exact same spot)

But what we generally do is an interval style start with 20s of mountain climbers 10s off for 6-8 sets. Then Every week try and build on what you did meaning going to 9,10,11 sets and beyond!

Now this is a great way to get back into running but there will be other issues that could require and internal pelvic floor exam done by a professional. You can also look at kelseys video here on how to train your pelvic floor into jumping again!


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Christina Prevett