Kettlebell 90/90’s: What are they and why do we do them??

Kettlebell 90/90’s; What are they and why do we do them??

You may have seen people around doing these and wondering first why? And the second being those kind of look cool I want to try them.

First things first :

Why are they called 90/90’s?? 

Well we aren’t super creative, so we call them 90/90’s because you’re trying to make two 90 degree angles with your body here let me explain

  • The first being a 90 degree angle from the wrist elbow and shoulder
  • The second being your torso shoulder and elbow

Okay so we’ve got the name down but why do we do them??

  • Building some proprioception: this is basically a fancy word for teaching you how to move your body properly 
    • With the kettlebell out in front of your body at a bit of an awkward angle it will force you to figure out a way to distribute the weight in a 
  • Shoulder Stability: This is probably the bigger goal with Kettlebell 90/90’s 
    • Holding the Kettlebell at this angle really forces the muscles in the back of your shoulder to stabilize the kettlebell 
    • Overtime this creates a much more balanced and stronger shoulder

Common Mistakes; They’re a few common mistakes we generally see

  • The first is not having the elbow high enough.
    • If your elbow drops below parallel with the shoulder is makes the exercise significantly easier because you’re now relying on the structures of the arm and less on the muscularture
  • The second would be having the elbow to high
    • If your elbow is way above your shoulder it puts added stress on the bicep which is not what we’re looking for either!

If your shoulders are feeling a little tight Vanessa did a yoga pose of the week you can check out here  specifically for the shoulder that can help you get that added range you’re looking for. Stay tuned for more training video!


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