How about JADE eggs?: Let’s not talk about Easter eggs

Jade Eggs

Happy Easter! Okay so this week we aren’t going to be talking about Easter eggs… we’re going to be talking about Jade eggs.

Vaginal eggs/Jade eggs/Yoni eggs are egg-shaped semi-precious gemstones are marketed for vaginal insertion. This trend that sky-rocketed in popularity a few years back when Gwyneth Paltrow publicized the benefits on her website Goop.

These eggs have been purported to help with stress urinary incontinence (peeing with laughing, coughing, sneezing, jumping, etc).

The Good about Jade Eggs… (?? maybe)

Cochrane review (2013) suggests that vaginal weighted eggs, when used correctly, are better than no treatment in stress urinary incontinence.


  • These eggs appear to be just as effective as pelvic floor muscle training. This exercise program can be done without requirement of inserting an egg. (Cochrane 2013)

Be careful, Jade Eggs  are often used incorrectly

  • It is not always about strengthening. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles may NOT be what you need. Many women need to learn how to relax their pelvic floor rather than tense it.
  • Walking around all day with an egg in your vagina may not be exactly what you need to do for strengthening. What it teaches you is the strength to hold things in your vagina all day.
  • Just think, if we want to strengthen our biceps, we don’t walk around all day holding a weight in our hands with our biceps contracted. This means we need to know how to contract and to relax our pelvic floor.

If you decide these are right for you

Just like anything else, you have to make sure you are appropriately cleaning and maintaining your jade eggs. They offer a risk of infection if they aren’t removed and cleaned properly

They do NOT have magic powers. Jade eggs will not balance your hormones, transform your sex life, and they were not used in Ancient Chinese Practice.

A good alternative that can offer feedback to your pelvic floor muscle training is a device such as Elvie or PeriCoach. These are inserted vaginally and can connect through Bluetooth to provide you with feedback for your pelvic floor muscle training.

Ultimately, the gold standard is an internal digital pelvic floor examination to determine your course of care. A pelvic floor physiotherapist can offer evidence-based guidance to help you achieve your goals!


Herbison, G. P., & Dean, N. (2013). Weighted vaginal cones for urinary incontinence. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, (7).

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Christina Prevett