I NEED To Pee!!

That feeling you get when, seemingly out of nowhere, you NEED to go to the bathroom. Perhaps you are someone who someone who can’t hold it for long, or maybe you are a “just in case” pee-er. You may even know every single public bathroom in Kingston. Pelvic Floor physiotherapist call this urgency.

This is what we call urgency, and is something we see a lot! One main thing we teach is distraction techniques. We teach this so you can navigate through the grocery store, shopping mall, or wherever life takes you, without running to the bathroom!

Examples of techniques we teach are:

  • Trying to dig your fingernails into your hand
  • Counting backwards by 3 from 100

These distraction techniques will allow you hold it until your bladder is actually full, training you out of that “overactive bladder”. If you always go to the bathroom the moment you feel a slight need, the bladder will become used to holding less urine, thereby sending the “full” signal earlier each time.

If you want any more information we’re holding a pelvic floor work shop just click here to register!

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