How you can get Back to Running and Jumping Postpartum

We’ve heard it probably 1000 times I want to run but I feel like I leak when I every time. The first thing I would say is go to pelvic floor physiotherapy, the second is it is treatable and isn’t just going to be like this forever.

While very normal and very common its also 100% treatable whether thats postpartum or when you’re 80, but today we wanted to show you how to get back into impact type exercises without having that sensation of leaking or immediately having to run to the bathroom.

The jolly jumper

  • My daughters in her jolly jumper right now, she’s not really old enough to jump a lot but she likes to spin around in it strangely enough we’ll actually use something similar to train the pelvic floor to get back into running and jumping
  • So wrap a heavy band around one of the pull-up bars
  • And you’re literally going to jump exactly like a baby would in a jolly jumper while working on some of the pelvic floor exercises Kelsey has talked about in the past

How it helps

  • Your pelvic floor is a muscle and we’re trying to build it back up so its strong enough to do some of the things we’re asking it to do
    • One of them is control impact without feeling like you need to pee
    • The jolly jumper is a excellent way to replicate some of those impact type movements but removing some of your weight with the band
  • Again we’re training your pelvic floor so we need to strengthen it the same way we would with  any other muscle in the body gradually and over time

I hope this helped! If you are experiencing leaking or sensation of heaviness go to pelvic floor physiotherapy even if it isn’t us, these are fixable issues the same way a sore back is.

We also have a few videos here if you want to dig a little deeper into experience of needing to pee right away.

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Christina Prevett