How To’s: Wall Ball’s

We use Wall ball’s a ton for conditioning but they can also work on explosiveness and power training. So where is a quick break down on how to 

The Perfect Squat:

We could (and have) do a thousand videos on the proper squat so today is just going to be the upwards motion of the ball BUT if you do have questions about the squat you can click here for a full article or here for the video

Alright hopefully you’ve read those (or listened) so lets go over the wall balls

The Problem: Get the whole body involved

  • We’ve seen people take their legs completely out of the equation by throwing the ball up with just their arms and not using their legs at all

The Fix: 

  • Try to think about this as one fluid motion its not a segmented lift meaning a squat then a throw 
  • You want to keep the legs and upper body moving together

The Problem: Arms out to the side

  • It sounds simple but its really hard to throw something straight up if you’re arms aren’t underneath the ball

The Fix: Keep your Arms under the ball

  • This way allows you to generate the most force upwards as you can

Problem: How Close you stand

  • If you’re to far away it can feel like the weight of the ball is constantly pulling you forward
  • If you’re to close it can feel like you’re cranking your neck back to try and see the ball

The Fix: Arms Length

  • We generally tell people to keep about an arms length from the wall when doing wall balls

Again we just focused on the upwards motion of the ball here don’t forget to take a look at the squat videos we mentioned above! That’s our breakdown of wall ball’s, As always everyone if you have any questions feel free to ask away!

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Christina Prevett