How to Row More Efficiently

Rowing is a great exercise, and a lot of people like to do it. It can be used to done inside, outside, on a lake basically you name it. The other great thing about rowing is it is fairly low impact and is generally a fool proof machine that is next to impossible to break, BUT you can definitely row more efficiently if you are doing these common mistakes.

  • To much leg drive

This happens when people don’t straighten their legs and hips at the same time causing them to go into the bend and snap time of set up. Now this isn’t going to hurt you but its definitely less advantageous and won’t let you pull on the oars with as much power and you normal can. To fix this want you to think about straightening your legs while you’re also pushing your hips forward and not doing them independently from each other.

  • Pulling Early with the arms

Your legs are way stronger then your arms. Often you’ll see people bend their arms relatively early then start to extend their legs. When this happens you loose a lot of the power your legs are generating to pull on the rower. So to stop this we tell people to push with legs then pull with there arms.

Hopefully this helps you guys crush the rower! Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be more than happy to answer any of them.


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