How to go From Doing Nothing to a Burpee

You’ve definitely heard of them the dreaded burpee, and they really can be awful if you havent worked into them at all. Think of it this way if you have never ran before would your first thought be I’m going to jump into a 10k race? 

No you’d try and find some sort of middle ground and work into it. Its the same with burpees. Maybe you’ve been away from the gym for awhile and need to get back into it, but feel like you aren’t were you where before.

Thats totally fine and normal so today we wanted to give you a step by step process of how to build back up to a full burpee to the ground.

Progression #1: to a bench

  • So we’re going to go from easiest to hardest in terms of difficulty here
  • Grab a bench or a box now place you’re hands on it and either walk or jump you feet back (this is dependant on if you have any active knee pain)
  • Now bring you’re chest down to the bench and stand back up

Progression #2: the a plank position

  • So next step down is getting into a plank position
  • Put your hands down on the ground and walk or jump your feet back into a plank position 
  • Keep your shoulders stacked over your wrist
  • Then either walk or jump your feet back in and stand

Progression #3: A full burpee

  • Alright so where going for the whole enchilada here
  • Hands go down to the ground and either walk or jump your feet back 
  • Get into a proper plank position and lower yourself down to the ground
  • Now here is where a lot of burpees can lead to a bit of a repetitive injury
  • In the bottom position while laying flat on the ground its really important to keep your shoulder back and not letting them dump forward which can cause some irritation on the shoulder

So start off on whatever progression you are at right now and work you’re way up every week. These should be difficulty so don’t worry about it if they feel hard but make sure your joints are strong enough!

If you have pushed a little to far and look for some shoulder pain relievers check out this article!

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Christina Prevett