How to Avoid Shin Splints While Running

The weather this weekend was beautiful! It was great seeing everyone get outdoors and enjoy everything Kingston has to offer.

The other amazing thing about Kingston is all of the trails that run downtown right along the water. You’re starting to see people wanting to get into shape and running outside again!

One thing that always slows people down is getting shin splints and rightfully so they can get pretty painful.

So how do shin splints happen?? A few years ago the big debate about shin splits was the heel striking is what caused it! While this is partially true it doesn’t tell the whole story.

What we know now is that its actually more important where your heel strikes as oppose to if you actually are a heel striker.

Here is what we mean:

If you’re a heel striker but you have a tendency to reach out in front of you when you run (causing a bit of over striding) you put significantly more pressure on your tibialis anterior which is the muscle that runs up the front of your shin which is the muscle thats impacted by shin splints. 

So how do we fix it??

We’re going to change you’re cadence (amount of steps you take in a minute) and try to get your heel strike to come underneath you’re body. So instead of striking in front of you impacting the tibialis anterior we’re going to strike underneath you’re body.

Give that a try if you’re interested in learning more we have a running workshop this weekend may 11th at 11am! Its completely free and we’re going to go over all the common running inures and how to manage them. You can register here!

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Christina Prevett