How to actually get better at push-ups!

Its pretty common for people who just start getting into exercising to start with push-ups. They seem simple, you don’t need any equipment and can do them at home, but the push-ups actually much more complicated then people think! So we wanted to give you some tips on how you can do them at home or at the gym and progress them effectively.

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First off


That may sound like I’m saying they don’t count (they do) and you are working you’re chest and arms, BUT it is extremely hard to progress from push-ups on you’re knees to a full push-up because you’ve already shortened the angle so much.

SO we prefer to do it slightly different, keeping your body straight and bringing your chest down to a barbell or bench that is elected off the ground will help you progress this exercise down the road.

What not to do

  • Don’t let your hips shoot back: Boy shooting your hips back its going to be hard for you to aim for your sternum with the bar and bring you down towards the bar at a strange angle with your face almost beating your chest there. Instead think about almost keeping a plank position
  • Keep your shoulders back: Exactly like the bench press, the chances’ of you letting your shoulder drop forward and placing to much stress on the long head of your bicep is higher here. So we always tell people to think about keeping their shoulder pinned together


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