Hollow Holds: How to Make Sure You’re Doing Them Correctly

Ready for a ridiculously hard ab workout you can do pretty much anywhere?? Hollow holds are an awesome workout but they can be done incorrectly so we wanted to go through some common mistakes we generally see and how to fix them.

Mistake #1; Arching the back

  • The point of a hollow rock is to engage the anterior part of your core (the front of your body) and hold it in a static position
  • Often we see people will start to arch and there can be a few things that can happen here

The fix;

  • The set-up; where most people go wrong isn’t actually during the movements its all in the set up. 
  • Here are the steps;
    • Lay on your back with your knee tucked into your chest
    • Next try to extend the legs while maintaining the low back being pushed into the ground
      • If your back starts to arch we’re going to bring the knees back in and start with just one leg overtime the goal would be to get both out but we have to build from somewhere
    • Now if you can maintain that the next step is to bring the arms up overhead and hold
    • As soon as your back starts to arch drop down

Mistake #2; Neck pain

  • This is a pretty common complaint as well and its a relatively easy fix

The Fix;

  • What most people will do as they set up for the hollow rock is they’ll tuck their chin into their chest
  • What we actually want to do is just try to tuck the chest down like you’re bracing against being punched in the stomach avoiding that cranked neck position
  • Find a spot on the ceiling and fix your eyes on that

Thats it for hollow holds! Give them a try you can either hold for time or you can do rocks for number I.e. either 20s hollow holds or 15 hollow rocks!

Well do another video on how to do the rock portion properly soon so stay tuned!!


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Christina Prevett