Hip stability : how to scale for balance issues

A lot of injuries can pretty common occur is if you have a lack of hip stability, but what does that actually mean. I’ll use a practical example here

think about every time you walk down the stairs if you hips shifts (meaning one side either drops or you shoot it of to one side) with every step you probably are lacking some hip stability. This also pretty commonly occurs during lifting as well partially in the squat and deadlift.


  • Generally we see it more prominitely in squatting movements 
  • For the most part its due to the smaller muscle of the hip not being quite as strong as the bigger muscles of the legs like the quad and hip flexors
    • If this is the case you’ll end up shifting your hips as you lower into a squat and you probably won’t even notice

The Fix: Hip adbuction

  • You can use a band or lay flat depending on balance needs
  • This version tends to be easier for those who do have balance issues due to not having to get up and off the floor.

Common Mistakes

  • Straying from the mid-line
    • What this means is instead of pushing your leg out completely to one side people will tend to move there leg to the side and slightly forward
    • this happens because the hip flexor is much stronger than the smaller muscles or the hip which in turn makes it significantly easier
  • Bending Over
    • Try to stay as straight as possible again its just a trying to target those specific muscles of the hip and not using the large muscles of the glutes and hamstring

Hip shifts are sometimes not only just stability issues but can also be due to a lack of mobility that Christina talks about here. We also have a link here if you’re having active but/hip pain and what you can do about it!

See ya everyone!


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