Hip Stability and Running: How to warm up properly

Why does hip stability in running mean?

Hip stability and strength is something that absolutely every runner or prospective runner should consistently be working on to decrease injury risk, maintain good running form and decrease any pain or aches. 


Why is winter running different?

  • Your hips need toto react to the changing texture underneath our feet
  • When you step on a piece of ice and feel a slip coming on,
    • are you able to maintain your hip stability to decrease any changes in form, soft tissue injuries or falls?  




If your answer is no, (or even if your answer is yes!) Here is a great, easy exercise you can do to increase and maintain hip stability and strength. 



For this exercise, you need your shoes, and a band – in the video, we are using a mini-band but if all you have is a longer band, tie it into a circle and you’re good to go!

  • Start with the band around your legs, placed just above your knee caps 
  • Step out so that your feet are around hip width apart, and there is tension on the band feeling like the band is going to pull your knees in.
  • Bend slightly in your knees and hips, and walk 10 steps one way making sure your knees don’t cave in
  • Repeat 10 steps the other way


You should feel a strong activation in your glutes, at the side of your hips!

***To make this exercise harder and have a more targeted glute activation, put the band around your ankles, and do the exercise with the same form!***


*** Try out 3 sets of 10 steps each way, in your warm-up, cool-down or strength training sessions! ***


This is a great starter exercise for working on hip stability and strength, and will help you out a ton to continue to run pain, injury and problem free during the winter. This is a continuation of maura’s winter running program check out the earlier posts here!

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