Do You Know What Good Nutrition Actually Is?

We all have our version of “good nutrition”

Everyone always wants to tell you their version of good nutrition. These answers that they give you can range from low fat, low carb, high fat, paleo, ketosis, and cutting out a variety of food groups for extended periods of time.

Here’s the thing though … there isn’t a one size fits all solution!

So we wanted to block out a lot of the noise and give you 4 guiding principles and easy steps to go in line with “good nutrition”

1. Is there a lot of nutrients in the food?

This is what we refer to as nutrient density. It refers to the amount of key micro and macro nutrients (all of your protein, iron, vitamin B, and C) per 100 calories of food. Examples are like chicken breast, or zucchini. Diets that are high in nutrient dense foods are usually lower in calories, make you feel fuller after meals for longer so it becomes more difficult to overeat.

2 . Are you taking in more calories than you’re burning?

Energy balance is a key component to losing, maintaining, and gaining weight. If your energy in is more than your energy out, you will gain weight. When we set a calorie goal, this is what we are talking about. Your calorie goal is specific to your body and your goals. Good Nutrition helps find your levels without depriving you of calories you need.

3. What are your long term goals?

Long terms goals are what STAVE OFF is all about. Thirty day challenges can be great to kick start you but being so extreme that you do a quick rebound as soon as its done is not the way to go! Most individuals are most motivated by aesthetics, wanting to trim this or lose that. These are great goals, but if your nutrition only focuses on body composition it generally overlooks and sometimes compromises other aspects, such as reducing cholesterol or staving off diabetes.

4. Can we measure if it’s working?

We’ve heard many times that a person has been eating really healthy but they still complain about injuries, being unable to drop the last 20 pounds, and are feeling tired all the time. These are important goals that we can track in a proper nutrition program. Good nutrition should be measureable and outcomes based. Good nutrition equals results. Period.

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