Food Prep: Prepping for Success

Eating healthy is hard with our hectic lifestyle!

Life is hectic! We at STAVE Off now all too well. Work is crazy, your kids have hockey, the car needs all knew tires, and the dog decided to eat your shoe resulting in an unexpected trip to the vet. Food prep can be the last thing on your mind. But we want to talk to you about why food prep should be an important way for you to prepare for your week.

We’ve all been there life is tough sometimes and stressful so the last thing we want to think about is what we are going to be eating for the week, but its one of the hallmarks of people who are successful with there nutrition. So how do we turn this goal or idea into reality we’ll there are a few good options.

The Weekly ritual

Between running the business and Christina being in school, the weekly ritual has become an important part of our week. Its become a mainstay for Christina and I. One of my favourite things about it is every time I open the fridge there is tasty nutritious food waiting for me! Sounds like a dream come true right? Lets talk about the weekly ritual.

Every week on Sunday while we’re watching football, we cook. This can be any day of the week for you. We take 3 hours and cook everything, chick thighs, rice, vegetables, sweet potatoes, beef, everything. Remember it takes the same time to cook 2 chicken breasts as it does to cook 3 lbs. This is my favourite method. It’s a lot of work upfront but it makes the whole week a breeze for food prep.

Daily ritual

Not everyone likes to spend 3 hours cooking Saturday or Sunday that’s fine, you can get your food ready for the day in about 30 minutes in the morning. This is a mini version of the weekly ritual, but just as affective.

The second daily ritual can be as easy as going to the local super market or farm boy for us Kingston-ians, and loading up a few big containers at the salad bar. Remember to keep everything, refrigerated.

Hiring out

If you have the disposable income this can be one of the best and easiest options. They’re companies that can do this they make food usually for Monday-Wednesday and then drop off a second batch for Thursday to Saturday. This meals can be tailored to your specific diet and if you have the income probably the best and easiest route.

If you’re hiring out your food prep, sometimes they will ask you about your “macros”. Don’t know what that is? Check out our article on it!

Whatever you decide, stick to it nutrition is all about consistency not how good you were for a week then fizzled out. Keep at it, it’s a lifetime not a week at a time


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