FAQ080: What does STAVE OFF mean and how did it come into existence?

STAVE OFF = Strength Training, Aging, Vitality and Energy 

I thought that for this frequently asked question, I would take it a little personal. We often have clients coming into the gym or into the physiotherapy clinic asking us about what our name, STAVE OFF, means.

STAVE OFF started actually as a spin off of my PhD work. I figured that I was going to be learning a lot about exercise and aging. Why not give all of that information to people interested on the internet? It started out as inconsistent blogs and workouts that I would be using for my Boomer’s group (now our Conquer program). From there it blossomed into a whole program that became the underlying cornerstone to our business model today.

I like to call our programs evidence-informed. We use the latest research in exercise and aging and add clinical impressions from our experience working with people of all ages and sizes. Christina continues to teach on these topics to other clinicians.

In this frequently asked question, we talk about our journey over the last 18 months. What a journey it has been!



Have you caught up on all of the videos in our series? We have plenty including taking it back to FAQ 001 on knee arthritis! 


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