FAQ073: I leak urine when I cough or sneeze, what is happening?

Many men and women struggle with issues with leaking when they cough or sneeze.

Issues with leaking can be embarrassing and concerning. A lot of people don’t talk about it. But there is things that we can do. Ways that we can work towards reducing the symptoms. Sometimes you can go to your doctor and he will give you a medication to help with your bladder. However, that isn’t the only way.

When we cough and sneeze, there is an increase in pressure in the belly. Our muscles contract in order to produce the cough or sneeze. This includes some of the muscles in the core. We have talked about what exactly the core is in a separate video (you can check it out here). One of the components of the core is our pelvic floor. The pelvic floor are the muscles that help control our bladder and bowels.

It is called stress urinary incontinence if  we experience leaking when we cough or sneeze

If the muscles that control our bladders aren’t strong enough or have a chronic tightness, it can cause problems. If they can’t contract properly you leak. For some this can be related to stress. It can happen because of trauma. Many women can experience this type of incontinence or leaking after they have had children.

Although it is common, I would not say it is normal. It is not something you should expect to deal with the rest of your life.

In this frequently asked question, we begin to talk about stress UI. We talk about what it is and some things that might be contributing to it. This links closely with some of the other FAQ episodes we have completed on pregnancy such as diastasis recti and on low back pain.

I hope you enjoy the video and please keep checking back to see more FAQ videos.

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