FAQ067: When do we start to lose strength as we age?

Unfortunately, as much as we don’t want to admit it, losing strength is a natural part of the aging process. Over time, we slowly lose some of our muscle mass, strength and power. But when does this start? Is there anyway we can stop the process?

Stop the Process, No. Improve it? Yes!

What we know by studying aging, is that losing muscle is a natural part of the aging process. It begins at about the age of 40 but is very gradual (think like a percent per year). However, at the age of 70, this starts to accelerate and the losses are bigger. We have done an article on this topic – you can check it out here where we go into more detail.

Our ability to generate speed quickly is known as power. Research has shown us power tends to be lost faster than raw strength does. This affects our ability to keep our balance when someone tries to push us over. I do not recommend trying that with some of your friends who are older, just trust me.

That doesn’t mean that all is lost. That we are doomed to inevitable weakness.

Exercise is the miracle pill when it comes to slowing down the aging process. This is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to losses in strength. Something else we see as we get older is that we stop moving around as much.

If we don’t need to use our muscles, they aren’t going to stick around. This accelerates these losses. By continuing to be involved in exercises that try to keep you strong, these losses slow down!

Going to the gym to workout is one of the best things you can do. It gives you the biggest return on investment (an ROI for all you business savvy people!). Not just now but down the road. It’s a way that we can push back against what we think are the “normal” parts of the aging process. 

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