FAQ055: Why do I often teach the deadlift for people with Low Back Pain?

Low Back pain is one of the biggest causes of pain and disability in North America

It is often the culprit for missed work and modified duties. You or someone you know has felt the sometimes debilitating effects of low back pain. Recent guidelines for the management of low back pain emphasize the need to return to activity as soon as possible (obviously within reason).

How often in your day-to-day life do you pick things up off the floor?

Odds are you pick things up multiple times throughout the day. Items that range in size, weight and shape. Wouldn’t it be natural then for you to have strength to pick that object up as well as know how to do so safely?

The deadlift is a strength-based movement where you are essentially picking something up off the floor. It is also commonly a staple in some of my physiotherapy practices for people with low back pain (though often not from the ground).

The deadlift often gets a bad rap but I have talked about this before (you can check out the article here). There are plenty of videos floating around the internet on bad deadlift form. Horror stories circulate about bulging discs and serious injuries as a result of deadlifting heavy weights.

These claims can be true … if your form is poor!

The truth is that any movement can be dangerous when performed incorrectly. The deadlift like any other tool needs to be taught and demonstrated with proper technique. When done this way, it can be an incredible tool to help you increase your strength, confidence and proficiency with picking objects up off the floor.

Here is an old video I had completed about how to teach the hip hinge and the deadlift. You can find it by clicking this link.

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Christina Prevett

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