FAQ053: What is a high ankle sprain?

A High Ankle Sprain is a different type of injury

In previous FAQ videos, we talked about a lateral ankle sprain. This is the more common “rolling” of your ankle that can cause pain on the outside part of the ankle. This injury often has to be differentiated from a high ankle sprain. This type of injury is usually caused by a force or trauma to the side of the foot.

We often see this injury in hockey goalies or other athletes. Goaltenders are often pushing forcefully from the post to make a save. Doing this over and over can create injury to the tissues between the bones in your shin and cause a high ankle sprain.

What do you hurt specifically?

A high ankle sprain is a type of injury or sprain that occurs in the piece of tissue that connects the two bones in your shin together. This tissue is called the syndesmosis. The piece of tissue called the syndesmotic ligament between your tibia and fibula. The force to the side of the foot can cause a sprain or tear in that membrane leading to injury.

This injury often can heal quickly except for trying to push from the post. Extremely irritating for goalies trying to get back to sport you can imagine!

Enjoy the video and if you think this might be you, talking to a physiotherapist might be best. They can work with you and your coach to try to figure out the best return to sport or work strategy.

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