FAQ040: What can I do for cardio when I have hip or knee arthritis?

When it hurts to do cardio, you just don’t do it!

At STAVE OFF, our physiotherapists work with a lot of people who are struggling with arthritis, especially in the lower body. If you have moderate to severe arthritis in your hips or knees, trying to get on an exercise program can cause more pain and therefore can be hard for a lot of people. If you’re in pain, you stop doing it. This can cause many people to avoid doing exercise and cardio. I get it. I wouldn’t do something that was causing me pain either.

But cardio and exercise isn’t just good for your arthritis, it’s good for your entire body.

We have written about this before, but arthritis pain can not only make your joints suffer, it can make your heart suffer as well. But as we get older, those aches and pains last longer than they used to. We just don’t recover at the same speed. So if you are doing exercise and it’s causing pain. It is easy to stop doing it.

If you are suffering with arthritis, there are two things you need to keep in mind with your gym program.

The two things I talk about with my physiotherapy clients are preference and joint movement. If you don’t like the activity you are choosing to do in the gym, odds are you will find every excuse not to do it.

That being said, higher impact activities such as running or jumping can be hard on the joints in your lower body that have arthritis. Walking on uneven surfaces or cement are also often causing flare ups in joint pain.

In this video, I go through a couple of options that you can try. You need to remember that your joint can’t be pushed too far and for too long into extreme ranges of motion. Arthritis is classified often by stiffness in the joint. Repetitively bending the joint TOO much can make for an unhappy joint the next day.

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