FAQ037: Why does having high blood pressure matter?

Hypertension (High Blood pressure) is one of the biggest known risk factors for heart disease

High blood pressure medications are one of the most prescribed types of medicines in North America. This is because of the risk that high blood pressure plays in the health of our heart and our risk for a heart attack.

Why does this matter?

More pressure on the vessels in the heart can be indicative of plaques along the lines of the vessels in the heart. These plaques along the arteries and are a result of the foods we eat and the amount of exercise we do every day. These plaques are what causes heart attacks to happen (because the plaque comes loose and blocks one of the arteries). Preventing that extra pressure from building up is therefore super important.

The medications lower the pressure in these arteries to make sure that the plaques don’t come loose. This is one way that can help to make sure we keep our heart protective. But this isn’t instead of the healthy lifestyle changes we talk about a lot!

It is one of many ways to keep your heart protected

As we are shovelling the snow at this time of year (it is winter time in Canada when I am releasing this), hypertension and taking care of our hearts becomes really important. Here is an FAQ video that we did on how to stay safe while shovelling snow!

If you know someone who has had a recent heart attack, getting back to exercise and healthy eating is very important. Need a little bit of a kick start? You can enrol in a cardiac rehabilitation program to give you the accountability you need.

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