FAQ036: What are normal blood pressure ranges?

When do we have a normal blood pressure reading?

When we go into our doctor’s office, one of the first things that happens is that we get our blood pressure taken. A normal blood pressure range is BELOW 120 over 80

Our systolic blood pressure (the first number) is the value we look at to see your risk for heart attack and heart disease. It is usually this number that we use to define your blood pressure risk.

Blood Pressure Risk

If your blood pressure is over 120/80, then there are different stages of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is also known as hypertension.

Based on your systolic blood pressure the numbers look like this

  • Below 120 = normal blood pressure range/ healthy
  • 120-139 = pre-hypertensive or at-risk
  • 140-159 = hypertension stage 1
  • 160+ = hypertension stage 2

If you are considered to be hypertensive, this is when your doctor is probably going to start talking to you about lifestyle modifications or ask you about taking medications for your blood pressure. This is serious, because those with hypertension are at increased risk of a heart attack!

In our next video, we will talk about WHY this is a risk for heart issues! So stay tuned for future videos on heart and blood pressure questions.

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